Sony Xperia SP - Assembly

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To remove the back cover

Insert a thumbnail into the gap between the back cover and one side of your

device, then lift up the cover.


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To insert the micro SIM card and the memory card

Turn off your device and remove the back cover, then insert the memory card

and the micro SIM card into the relevant slots.

The memory card may not be included at purchase in all markets.

Your device requires a micro SIM card. Inserting an incompatible SIM card in the micro SIM

card slot could damage the card or your device, and Sony does not warrant and will not be

responsible for any damage caused by use of incompatible or modified SIM cards.

To attach the back cover


Place the back cover over the back of the device, then press down on the top

corners to lock them into place.


Moving from top to bottom, press down the sides of the cover. The clips on the

inside of the cover make clicking noises as they lock into place.

Illuminating transparent band

The transparent band on your phone illuminates when you use certain applications,

when an incoming call arrives, and when an alarm sounds. It then fades out after a

few seconds to save power.
The color of the illuminated band varies depending on the theme you are using. When

you view photos in Gallery, the color changes according to the photo you are viewing.

When you play music with the music player, the color changes every time a new

album cover is displayed. You can adjust these various light effects.

To set light effects for your device


From your Home screen, tap .


Tap Settings > Display > Light effects.


Select the effects that you want to use.


This is an Internet version of this publication. © Print only for private use.