Sony Xperia SP - Adding the geographical position to your photos

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Adding the geographical position to your photos

Turn on geotagging to add the approximate geographical location (a geotag) to photos

when you take them. The geographical location is determined either by wireless

networks (mobile or Wi-Fi® networks) or GPS technology.
When appears on the camera screen, geotagging is turned on but the geographical

position has not been found. When appears, geotagging is turned on and the

geographical location is available, so your photo can get geotagged. When neither of

these two symbols appear, geotagging is turned off.

To turn on geotagging


From your Home screen, tap .


Tap Settings > Location services.


Drag the slider beside Access to my location to the right.


Activate the camera.


Tap , then tap .


Drag the slider beside Geotagging to the right.


Tap OK.