Sony Xperia SP - Conference calls

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Conference calls

With a conference or multiparty call, you can have a joint conversation with two or

more people.

For details about the number of participants that you can add to a conference call, contact

your network operator.

To make a conference call


During an ongoing call, tap .


Dial the number of the second participant and tap . After the second

participant answers, the first participant is put on hold.


Tap to add the second participant to the conference call.


Repeat steps 1 to 3 to add more call participants.

To have a private conversation with a conference call participant


During an ongoing conference call, tap {0} participants.


Tap the telephone number of the participant with whom you want to talk



To end the private conversation and return to the conference call, tap .

To release a participant from a conference call


During an ongoing conference call, tap the button showing the number of

participants. For example, tap 3 participants if there are three participants.


Tap next to the participant you want to release.

To end a conference call

During the conference call, tap End conference call.